Understanding; in a word, that’s what we do. We define the problem, the field of enquiry; we investigate and learn; we develop an understanding of the field; then we communicate that understanding to you. Our task is to help you turn your ambitions into workable reality. To do this, you need to understand the environment you are working in. We believe that rigorous and intelligent qualitative research and analysis is the best way to achieve this.



Our quantitative work is bespoke – we are not a large quantitative house and believe we bring a flexible integrated approach.  We build quantitative research and analysis into projects as required, whether standalone quantitative studies or multi-layered projects combining primary quantitative and qualitative elements.  We believe we offer a unique service delivering insight, not reams of figures and data sets.

Our quantitative work includes:

  • Evaluating Communication Campaigns

  • Tracking studies (linked with on-going qualitative work, thus providing our clients with joined–up research)

  • Online/telephone/face-to-face studies


Market Intelligence

Why not get more value from the information available either internally or through public sources?  Many clients have considerable insight and intelligence which could add value to new strands of work.  Our trusted and experienced practitioners review, digest and crucially present useful reports. Our clients have gained value prior to embarking on primary research.  Findings have helped shape thinking and begin the process of effective decision making.

Organisational Change

Change is a part of organisational life but can be challenging on many levels – from strategy development requiring senior management thinking in different ways through to implementing change across the organisation.

We offer a senior experienced team who can deal with the ‘tough’ changes often facing an organisation. Our team includes professional business mentors building on our research and insight expertise.

The focus group method is the most common qualitative approach.  Conventional group formats comprise a number of respondents (conventionally eight) convened for a guided discussion for up to two hours.

The group format is not set in stone, and we suggest variations as appropriate: smaller sessions, split sessions, re-convened sessions, extended workshops and client immersion sessions.  The group format is often viewed as ‘staid’ in light of new technologies and channels of feedback.  In fact, the format is and always has been as good as the researchers undertaking the project.  We believe that focus group methodology remains an important tool for garnering ideas about products, services, packaging, or concepts.  They deliver direct access to your target audience.

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Qualitative research is the high end of the market research world.  It allows you to see the subtleties and anomalies that quantitative methods often conceal, without losing sight of the bottom line.  It is a difficult enterprise, demanding more of the researcher and the analyst; but the richly textured data sets – and profound insights – that it leads to are invaluable.  We are experts in planning, carrying out, and analyzing qualitative research; our reputation is founded on our rigorous and comprehensive approach to qualitative work