Film Works is a fresh and innovative development – our services offer you the following benefits:

  • We combine research with filming expertise, allowing researchers and clients to work and explore together

  • Illumination and discovery through participant observation. A client window going beyond the ‘spoken word’.

  • Innovative research methods that are film-based, but qualitatively engineered (e.g. video diaries).

  • Strengthening of research findings: greater impact, new dimension, further insight.

  • Fast access to key research findings across your organization.

  • Products can be delivered either in a presentable DVD format, or as individual AVI clips (burned onto a DVD/CD), which can then be embedded into presentations and reports. Talk to us; we can discuss your needs and tailor our service to ensure you get the right product.

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ICIS - City Traders

ICIS - City Traders

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Otherwise known as ‘video pen portraits’, this process involves the filming of different sub audiences within, or across, a segmentation study.

The written explanation of a segment is not always sufficient. Not everyone is necessarily research-literate; the use of film can be critical for broader understanding of a research issue. The ability to present iconic individuals (as interviewed) is potentially powerful and far reaching.

Clients such as the Department of Health, NHS Direct, Cancer Research UK, and HM Revenue & Customs have benefitted from video-aided encapsulations.


Video diaries are most powerful when done in stages; ‘before and after’ diaries are particularly effective and insightful.

For the Department of Health we conducted fully moderated video diaries (to ensure respondents kept to the topic) – this was for research into patient perceptions of heathcare-associated Infections. We assessed the thoughts and concerns of each respondent before they went in for an operation; we then recorded their views in hindsight for comparative analysis.

The end product was a series of thoughts, concerns and experiences fresh from the patients – allowing a ‘front seat’ for the client when evaluating patient perceptions of healthcare-associated.


Environment and ethnographic filming work more or less hand-in-hand.

Our experience of environmental observation is far reaching.

We have observed a wide range of audiences of different ages, genders and ethnicities to gain closer understandings of their behavioural or attitudinal traits. We don’t simply observe these individuals, instead we go the extra mile to unearth why they behave the way they do, and what influences such attitudes.

With this understanding, decision makers can experience a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective of their chosen demographic. Decisions are more informed, when they are armed with a closer knowledge and familiarity with the audience concerned.


Spontaneous interviews are great for capturing a snapshot of public opinion on any topics or issues on location. Vox Pops can be conducted in all sorts of places, such as: in-store, hall tests, on the street, sport centres, shopping centres, bars, pubs, airports, train stations, etc.

Typically, we spend a day interviewing to represent one location (much like a Hall day) – then we compile what has been said into a short film clip and present it in a way that answers your research objectives.

Vox pops have proven successful as introductory pieces at client gatherings or events, or as a supplement to more pinpointed and intensive fieldwork, such as focus groups and depth interviews.


Our film experience includes conversations with potential end customers, staff members and the general public regarding a whole range of issues.  We have generated simulating video clips from filmed depth interviews for both the public and private sector.

We have delivered filmed insights with the versatility and quality to be used in workshops as well as presentations and ongoing training material for internal reference.  This is a very successful product for generating fast interest and understanding of departmental movements or shifts, or anything that requires a clearer communication of issues, views or policies.